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Survey on Europeana


How has digitisation transformed cultural heritage institutions? Which is the role of Europeana in this transformation? Please take  part in Carlotta Capurro‘s study that is trying to find an answer to these questions.

Europeana is a cultural initiative financed by the European Commission with the support of the EU Member States. Its core business is the management of Europeana.eu, the European Union’s digital platform for cultural heritage. Europeana’s tasks are not limited to the aggregation of digital cultural heritage data from European cultural institutions. They include the support and promotion of the digital transformation of the European cultural heritage sector. To this end, Europeana has developed best practice and standards for cultural heritage institutions.

This research investigates Europeana’s impact on the digital policies developed by cultural heritage institutions. The survey collects data on the digitisation strategies adopted by each cultural heritage institution, and investigates whether the standards and procedures designed by Europeana influenced their development.

The survey is addressed to:

1) cultural heritage institutions within the EU (including archives, museums, libraries, universities and research centres) that have collaborated with Europeana in any form since 2008;

2) cultural heritage institutions outside the EU (including archives, museums, libraries, universities and research centres) that have collaborated with Europeana in any form since 2008;

3) cultural heritage institutions within the EU that have never worked with Europeana.

By taking part in the survey, you will contribute to gathering the data that are necessary for the research.

In the questionnaire, you will be asked to provide information about the digitisation policy of your institution and its relationship with Europeana. Please, fill in the survey even if your institution is not collaborating with Europeana. The result of this study will contribute to a better understanding of the digital turn of cultural institutions in Europe, and the impact which had the European digitisation policy, through the activities promoted by Europeana, on heritage institutions around Europe.

You can find here more details about the study, what is expected of you and how we will deal with the collected data. You are kindly asked to read it attentively. Before filling in the questionnaire, you will be asked to consent to participate in this study, allowing the use of your answers for scientific research.

Please use this link to access the survey.

The study is carried out by Carlotta Capurro, a PhD candidate of the Cultural History Group, within the Marie Skłodowska-Curie project CHEurope. Carlotta’s work investigates the impact of the digital turn on European heritage institutions and focuses on the role of Europe and European cultural and digital policy on the process. The central object of this study is Europeana and its role in developing new standards and procedures for the heritage sector. For more information, you can contact her at c.capurro@uu.nl.